Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Audition Time

The Phils are preparing for the playoffs by giving their starters just enough work to stay sharp while running out the rest of the crowded dugout and bullpen to see who is fit for post-season play and who isn't.

That means the Greg Dobbses, Domonic Browns and David Herndons on the roster should see plenty of playing time in the next several days.  It also means Jimmy Rollins will have an opportunity to show he is fit enough to supplant supersub Wilson Valdez.  Frankly, Jimmy's performance last night and comments after the game were hardly reassuring, especially the statement he should be 100% some time around February.  I'd rather see a 100% Valdez at short than a 75% or less Rollins.  It isn't as though Rollins had been tearing up things prior to this latest injury.  Two things are working in Rollins' favor, neither of which persuade me:  one, his manager is loyal to veterans, especially starters, to a fault; and, two, he still believes as goes Jimmy so go the Phillies.  In the second case, their 94 wins, achieved largely without Rollins, should dispel that notion.

As for Dobbs, he hasn't earned a spot on the post-season roster but because he can allegedly play the infield, he will make it while Domonic Brown probably will not.  Dobbs should get plenty of opportunities to find his stroke in the final four games of the regular season because Placido Polanco is going to get plenty of rest for his ailing elbow and forearm.  I wouldn't bet Dobbs is up to the challenge.

Meanwhile, Charlie Manuel and Rich Dubee have expressed some concern about resting Roy Halladay given he's thrown 250 innings this season, but they let him go a full nine the other night with the game clearly in hand.  I guess they didn't want to deprive him of a shutout nor savoring the division-clinching final moment.  Neither makes sense when you are trying to curtail his innings, but where emotions are involved little normally "makes sense".

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