Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stay Tuned

It would have been nice to soak their own clubhouse rather than ruin the carpet in Washington, but the Phils dropped two straight to the New York Mets and were denied the pleasure. Still, they look like pretty good bets to waste a lot of bubbly in one of the next few nights as they finish the season with six straight road games. Atlanta did its part in the magic number department, dropping their Sunday afternoon game to the Nats. The Phils have to win one of the next six games or Atanta has to drop one for the division title to remain in the City of Brotherly Love.

Cole Hamels was due a stinker and he delivered, giving up five runs in four innings but the Phils seemed poised to come back when Chase Utley stroked a three-run shot to close the gap. But Ryan Madson, also due a stinker, surrendered a two-run homer to Carlos Beltran as the Mets put the game out of reach. The Phils stranded something on the order of two hundred runners in scoring position during an afternoon of missed opportunities.

So, it's all aboard Amtrak as the Phils make their way South to DC and Atlanta. It would have been nice to rest Roy Halladay, but if the Phils can stake him to a big enough lead tomorrow night, he might be able to get by with five innings of work.

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