Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where'd Everybody Go?

The Phillies crushed the Florida Marlins last night before a crowd of 16 ushers, a little league team from Bradenton, and a water wings salesman from Pensacola.

It's always a fun night in the heat and humidity of South Florida especially when the dugouts are more crowded than the stands. Really, Bud, when is baseball going to wise up and move this franchise? Oh, you say, they're going to have a new hermetically sealed stadium in place soon. Well, that should get the folks off the beaches and bar stools and into the stands.

OK, enough on what a good baseball town Miami is.

The Phils' offense continues its march through September and the starting pitching continues to shine as well. Last night's heroes included Chooch, now hitting an even .300 for the season. Wouldn't it be nice if he maintained that average through the end of the year? Is there any player on this club who goes about his business more quietly and steadily? Meanwhile, supersub Wilson Valdez added two hits and his usual steady play afield. Who is this guy? By now, of course, we all know the answer as reams of electrons (is that possible?) have been spent providing us with his background. In today's Inquirer (read it while the paper lasts) there is a fine article on Valdez and Charlie Manuel's affection and enthusiasm for him. It's safe to say that were Juan Castro still the primary fill-in the Phils would be chasing Atlanta by a wider margin.

Speaking of Atlanta, they kept pace last night as Derek Lowe and his injected wing beat Washington.

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