Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Up

Roy Halladay again was not at his best last night but he had more than enough for the surrendering Marlins as the Phils jumped all over a succession of bullpen types for a 10-5 win.

Some members of the Phils bullpen, especially Brad Lidge, did little to erase the anxiety that persists about their readiness for the post-season, but, then, I get ahead of myself. Still, one can begin to think in those terms as the Atlanta Braves continue to fade and the Phils have opened a three-game lead in little over a week.

Halladay did achieve a career high in total strikeouts last night and finally laid down a very nice sacrifice bunt, but he wasn't his dominating self otherwise. Staked to a three run lead, however, he had more than enough to win his 19th game of the season. Chase Utley hit another home run last night and super sub Wilson Valdez had three hits. Jimmy's gonna' have a tough time getting his job back. No, seriously!

The game was played before the usual throngs seen around these parts. Last night's game was attended by 33,000 loyalists masquerading as orange and blue seats, fifteen ushers (one called in sick), a vacationing group of Rotarians from Dubuque, Iowa, and the runner up to this year's Tallahassee Belle of the Ball contest. Four patrons were stopped by security and prohibited from entering when they were found to be carrying zuzuzelas. Homeland Security confiscated the devices which will be melted down and made into Dan Uggla bobblehead figures at a later date unless the Marlins' second baseman is traded in a salary dump.

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