Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Butcher Of Left Field

Just when Raul Ibanez thought it was safe to give out his private email address, along came last night.

He was absolutely brutal in the field, costing Roy Halladay a possible victory single-handedly by failing to catch an admittedly tough ball near the foul line, one which a good fielder would have had, and then completely butchering a ball hit back toward the wall a batter later.  Ibanez is an utter liability in the field, more than neutralizing his feeble offense.

Speaking of that feeble offense, his stepping out and adjusting his batting gloves while spitting is getting so old to the point of being positively nauseating.  I've never seen an allegedly solid veteran batter fooled by more pitches than Ibanez, who can no longer get around on a fastball, bails out on breaking stuff, and is always vulnerable to high hard stuff.

Frankly, I'd bench him permanently and give John Mayberry one last full time chance.  At the very least the Phils would have a good glove out there.

 OK, watch now, Ibanez gets fifteen hits today and makes a top ten play in the field.  NOT.

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