Monday, June 20, 2011

Wanted: A Right-Handed Bat

This latest loss sticks in the craw.

The temporary offensive surge of the last home stand came in part at the expense of the currently worst team in baseball, the Florida Marlins.

The two losses in Seattle underscored the ineptitude of the Phils offense, particularly from the right side of the plate. Sending Ben Francisco out there in any capacity, DH or position player, is an experiment long-since deemed a total failure.

Are the Phillies so old these days that several starters have been getting a day off? Do we really need Minnie Mart in left field instead of John Mayberry?

The real sign of Cole Hamels' maturation, everyone agrees, has been his ability to take adversity in stride. Based on the lousy support he's received on too many occasions this season, this is ONE MATURE GUY!

* * * * * * * *

Speaking of the Marlins, they are rumored to planning to name Jack McKeon the new manager. McKeon has been there before and won it all, but at 80 years of age you have to wonder what all parties are thinking. Stay tuned. If McKeon does take the job, will the Orioles bring back Earl Weaver?

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