Sunday, June 05, 2011

See Yesterday's Post

It's June, already, not late April. The Phillies haven't hit consistently all season. It's no longer a question of when. Too many aging veterans are, well, showing their age.

Speaking of aging veterans, forget that apology, Raul. You are so brutal in the field that whatever modest improvements you've shown at the plate (and let's face it, Raul, they are modest) are negated by your butchery in left. That misplay last night on the ball hit by Lyle Overbay was the game-breaker.


Anonymous said...

I guess you have abandoned your search for Raul's private e-mail address, eh?

Tom Goodman said...

Let's just say I've abandoned any active search. On the other hand, were his email address to miraculously drop into my lap I wouldn't let the opportunity pass to tell him how much I admire his defense.

Tom Goodman said...

I want to add that I am not a big fan of anonymous comments but in this case I suspect a Chambersburg, PA, address reveals the source.