Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Efficiency Expert

Cliff Lee is one efficient pitcher. Run to the mound. Run from the mound. Get the ball. Throw the ball. Stick with two pitches (fastball and cutter) in the main. Throw in a very occasional curve. Oh, and win.

Lee threw his third straight shutout last night, the first Phillie to do so since a fellow last name of Roberts accomplished the same more than half a century ago. In the process, he won his ninth game of the season, the third ace on the staff to reach that level, and he extended his scoreless innings total to 32. Too bad he allowed a single run in the previous outing.

On a night when yet another injury left the Phils facing the prospect of using their fourth different closer of the season, Lee forestalled the possibility by going the distance again.

Lee doesn't say a lot, at least not to the press or public. He isn't surly or shy or averse to talking. He's just being efficient.

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