Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rube's In A Cube

The Inquirer's Ray Parillo summarized this season best in his piece this morning:

Maybe this is what the Phillies are: a team that sends its fans filing out of Citizens Bank Park moaning about the futility of its offense, griping about the couple of hours of boredom they endured, stewing in the same frustration that grips manager Charlie Manuel when his impatient lineup helps make another opposing pitcher look like Walter Johnson.

Maybe it's time for those fans to come to terms with the reality that the Phillies are going to be all about pitching and defense.

Or they can do this: They can check the standings each day, find the team is in first place, and tell themselves all is right in their imperfect world.

Rube's going to have to make some moves because he knows better than anyone else with the exception of his manager this team was built to win this year. He has to acquire another bat at the very least and could use some bullpen help given how much he is relying on two young guys and an injured Ryan Madson. We won't even talk about Madson's impending free agency or that his agent isn't exactly Philly-friendly. Those are post-season problems and the the Phils have plenty of problems to solve this season.

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