Monday, September 24, 2012

All But Official

While the Phillies await mathematical elimination from the Wild Card chase, aka, reality, it's worth pointing out no one aspect of their game led to their dethronement as NL East champs.  It was a real team effort.

The starting pitching was erratic at best, none more so than Roy Halladay, whose pummeling on Saturday afternoon in front of a national television audience (though in all likelihood the majority of the nation tuned out to watch their favorite football teams) marked one of the lowest points of the veteran hurler's career and perhaps a sign that the end has arrived earlier than anyone thought possible.

Sunday's loss, 2-1, highlighted the offensive funk the Phils were in and out of all season.  Ryan Howard's game-ending strikeout was an all-to-familiar ending to many games.  Howard has been on a home run and rbi tear of late, but his futility and flailing have been consistent since his return.

Just when Chase Utley appears to have regained his stroke, he too lapses back into mediocrity.

The bullpen has been completely erratic all season, relying too often on AAA pitchers auditioning for their chances.

There were too many injuries and far too many inadequacies for the Phils to contend this season.  Now, they will play out the string and begin the process of rebuilding.  It won't be easy with all the holes they have to fill.

* * * * * * * *

I digress.

The Eagles were butchered in the desert Sunday afternoon, the carcasses left to bleach in the sun.

Afterwards, Andy Reid uttered the predictable "This one's on me" crap for which he is famous.  The coach also said his team was not prepared well, another predictable comment.

Surprise us one day, Andy, and tell us BEFORE the game your team isn't prepared.  Then, we won't be so shocked when the fall on their faces.

There were goats galore.  Nnamdi Asomugha was beaten yet again and looked utterly helpless in the process.  He came to Philadelphia with a big reputation, but in the time I've watched him (mercifully infrequently) he has looked absolutely overmatched.

There were also many unprofessional moments in the game, but none more so than DeSean Jackson's whining about pass interference while the play was still unfolding.  That sums up the lack of preparation on this team, its inability to assume responsibility.