Monday, September 03, 2012

There's An App For That

If, like me, you got together with friends over this holiday weekend, you probably didn't watch yesterday's game versus Atlanta, especially given its 5PM start.

Naturally, I did check the score periodically, on my phone,  and upon learning the Phils had built a 7-1 lead in the sixth inning, I checked in far less frequently.  Even when I looked again in the bottom of the ninth and saw the Phils still maintained a comfortable 7-3 lead, I was quite pleased with the imminent prospect of their sweeping the Braves in Atlanta.

Refreshing the score on my phone, I began to worry slightly (hey, after all, these were the 2012 Phillies) when the ninth inning seemed to drag on.  I delved deeper into the app to discover Jonathan Papelbon was on the mound.  Suddenly, the small bases on the displayed diamond had all turned yellow.  Then the score changed.  7-5.  I excused myself briefly from our company to study the display on my phone more closely.  The score lingered at 7-5 for what seemed like hours not minutes.  Then I hit refresh one more time and the word "Final" appeared next to the totals, Atlanta 8, Phillies 7.

What had happened???

The standing President of the Phillies-killers Society, one Chipper Jones, had launched a walk-off three run homer.  Just like that a victory was snatched from the Phils.  Just like that a clubhouse turned silent and numb.  Just like that a flight to Cincinnati grew much longer. 

In a season of ugly losses and misery, this one would stand out.

After the game, Jonathan Papelbon demurred, saying it was just another loss in a bunch of losses this season.  What else does a guy being paid $12.5 million a season to prevent such endings say under the circumstances?