Thursday, September 27, 2012


Kyle Kendrick v 2.0 picked a lousy time to revert to v 1.0, but why blame him for the Phils' inevitable decline?

The miserable series in Houston is what really put an end to their faint hopes.  The succeeding series vs. NY, Atlanta and the Washington all were played with one hand on the life support switch.  It will be thrown in the next few nights, putting everyone out of their collective misery.

What we do know with certainty is the Phils' alleged brain trust is going to have its most difficult off-season since the first departure of Ed Wade.  The entire picture is blurry from the starting rotation to middle relief to offense and defense.  There are too many holes to fill in one off-season and, frankly, too many hopes riding on gimpy arms, knees, backs and, wouldn't you know it, Achilles heels!

The younger daughter of a close friend of mine is a devoted fan who lives and dies with her Phils.  She has really never known the desert through which this franchise wandered for so many years in the late '80's and '90s with few exceptions.  Five straight divisional championships, two World Series and one winner-took-all championship season seemed to her young mind to be the norm.   She knows nothing of Steve Jeltz and his ilk.  All was Utley and Howard for her...until now.

She will adjust, perforce.  The Phils will begin rebuilding, hopefully within a reasonable amount of time.  There are no guarantees, however.  We jaded old-timers know that all too well.  My beloved Orioles are concluding their first winning season since 1997.

The Phils have been dethroned by a heretofore perennial loser, Washington.  Several top draft choices plus a shrewd trade and free agent signing here and there and, voila! (not really that fast) the Nats became winners.  It didn't happen overnight, and neither will the Phillies' reconstruction.

So, let's get this one over with and get started on the next dynasty.  It was a very good run.