Sunday, September 16, 2012

Same Old Same Old

I could just as well re-post the preceding entry with a today's date.  Little has changed except a few inescapable facts, not the least of which is the Phils have dropped two of three thus far to the lowly Astros.  What is more galling is that a bunch of nobodies including several AAA or lower pitchers and a guy from the Mexican League shut out the Phils Saturday night, 5-0.

I've watched portions of two of the three games against the Astros and STILL cannot name more than one player on the team.  I don't know the manager's name.  I don't know the coaches' name.  I have no idea who owns the team.  I saw the empty stands and wondered who draws fewer fans, the Astros or Marlins.

Re: the Astros move to the AL next year (paraphrasing Oscar Levant's legendary line when Milton Berle converted from Judaism to Christian Science), "our loss is their loss".