Sunday, June 03, 2012

Another Loss At Home

You could see this loss coming a mile away. 

Joe Blanton surrendered a tremendous home run, not merely an unlikely home run, to his opposite number, Carlos Zambrano, and the Marlins were off and running.  Five runs later, about three too many, Charlie came and got Kentucky Joe.  Charlie is a good manager when he has the horses.  I guess it could be argued anyone can manage when he has the talent to put out there day to day.  The problem this season is that Charlie has neither the talent nor a clue how to use what he's been given.  The lineup is in constant flux or, more accurately said, confusion.

Meanwhile, with few exceptions the Phils were taking one anemic swing after another at Zambrano the pitcher.  Jimmy Rollins, whose averaged crept up the last few days, reverted to his old ways.  It's no longer a  question of whether or not Jimmy is on the downside.  We know that.  Now we have to wonder if he's actually got his head and heart in the game.  I've never seen a more talented player throw away AB's.

The box score will also show Shane Victorino stroked a hit in his last AB, but up until then he put on anther pitiful performance from the left side of the plate.  As I said this morning, Shane should give up the switch-hitting and bat from the right side only.

The loss was their fifteenth at home this season.  The series loss negated the two series wins on the road just prior to this weekend.

The Marlins are going in the opposite direction.  With good pitching, especially from the pen, they will win the Division.