Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nothing Personal

What did you expect from Kyle Kendrick?

Kendrick is a career mediocrity with no real fixed role on a major league pitching staff.  Oh, sure, he'll occasionally throw in a good outing just to keep us off balance, but for the most part he is a lousy pitcher whether coming in as a reliever or spot starter.  It's nothing personal, Kyle.  I'm sure you are a nice fellow, a good husband and father, and a model citizen (as long as you aren't a Republican, that is.)  It's just that you aren't a good pitcher and there's no use waiting for you to finally come around.  You've been at this stuff long enough for us to conclude you just don't have it.

Of course the Phils' other glaring weakness is the bullpen.  They may have a great closer in Jonathan Papelbon, but it is becoming increasingly clear they can't get to him.  Baseball orthodoxy, to which Charlie Manuel subscribes, states you don't bring in your closer on the road in a tie game let alone one in which you trail.  You can't close what is basically not open!  Last night it was clear Charlie sent Kendrick out there and told him he was pitching at least four or five innings no matter how many runs he surrendered.  That's what managers do when they don't trust their bullpens.

In dropping their ninth game in ten starts the Phils tightened their grip on last place in the NL East.  They are nearly unwatchable at this point and when Sarge is doing the "commentary" they are also unlistenable!

On another front, Chase Utley began his rehab assignment last night in single-A Florida by going zero for five including three strikeouts.  Yikes!