Thursday, June 21, 2012

Luck Takes Wrong Turn, Smiles On Phillies

Where is it written beating up on a lousy team doesn't count?

The Yankees of the 50's used to crush the also-rans and play .500 against the good teams.  That's how pennants are won.  Every year.

The Phils not only took their second straight from the Tulo-less Rockies, they did it in all-too-unfamiliar fashion this season by coming from behind in their last AB.  OK, so Todd Helton, who makes an error about as often as a visit from Haley's Comet, missed the bag at first base on what turned out to be the winning play, but when it comes to luck, the Phillies have been overdue for a very long time.

* * * * * * * *

John Mayberry has been hitting the ball well lately and was rewarded with another start, this time against a righthander no less.  In a pregame interview on DNL, Mayberry came across as a very bright kid who recognizes success is mostly about confidence.  Charlie Manuel hasn't handled Mayberry well this year.  True, Mayberry has suffered through some awful spells, but the Phils' alleged brain trust is almost always impatient with young players and cannot bring themselves to say to them, "We don't care how many collars you wear, the job is yours!"  Mayberry has been in and out of the lineup too often to develop a rhythm or the confidence that comes from experience.  He isn't a rookie any longer, but he is still young enough to need the opportunity to play every day without worrying one bad night will cost him another chance.  If he turns out to be a .275 hitter with power who can field well, I'd be thrilled and so would the Phillies.