Sunday, June 10, 2012

Running On Empty

I go away for six days and everything falls apart.

Pure coincidence.

When the Phils were three games out of first at the end of April everyone said it was early.

When they were five games out at the end of May everyone said they'd get better when their stars returned.

Now that they are seven games everyone is getting a grip on reality.

The beginning of the Lean Years, 21st Century version, are underway.  It was a very good run while it lasted.

By the trade deadline it wouldn't surprise me to see Cole Hamels traded for top flight prospects.  The Phils have zero chance of re-signing him.  Come July, Shane Victorino may be gone (though his stock has fallen).  By July or August we will probably be watching Chase Utley's last hurrah and Ryan Howard's diminished capacity.

Who knows what lies in store for Roy Halladay?  Placido Polanco's contract will expire.

By late July or early August the sell-out streak will be over at Citizens Bank Park.  The end may come sooner.  Once again, it won't be hard to score Phillies tickets.

It was a very nice run.

UPDATE:   Just learned about Freddy Galvis' fractured back.  Terrible news for the youngster.