Monday, June 11, 2012

Get Used To It

Everyone who thought Cliff Lee would be winless by mid-June raise your hands.

I thought so.

Numbers are always deceiving, of course, and no number was more deceiving in Lee's case than the sub-3.00 ERA he carried entering yesterday's game at Camden Yards.  With the exception of his scoreless 10-inning wonder at San Francisco, in nearly every game Lee has given up a big hit or two that does him and his mates in.  Yesterday, it was a three-run bomb to an eight hole hitter.

Let's not blame Lee for everything, however.  The Phillies are phumbling too many balls these days.  Defense was once a hallmark of this team but when you have Ty Wigginton , Mini Mart, Hector Luna and Mike Fontenot in the lineup you aren't going to mistake this club for the 1960's-70's Orioles infield of Robinson, Belanger, Johnson and Powell.  Heck, you won't confuse them with the 2012 edition of the O's infield and I can't name one of them!!!!

The Phils now have a lock on last place and we'd better get used to it.