Saturday, June 30, 2012

Please, Keep 'Em Down On The Farm

Ho, hum, another three game losing streak and reservation at a table in the cellar.

We worried about the offense and believed the pitching, at least the starting and closing portions, would keep the Phils competitive.  How were we to know Cliff Lee would be winless at mid-season and Roy Halladay would be on the DL.  If I were to guess, Lee's oblique strain has never fully healed and his arm slot (ain't that a term for the age?) if not his strength is not back to normal.  All we know by just watching is he isn't fooling anyone with his stuff.

The middle and set-up portions of the bullpen are terrible.  The Phils' alleged brain trust is reduced to bringing up anyone with a pulse to try and find a solution.

The offense, meanwhile, sputters and stumbles, unable to develop consistency or rhythm.  The numbers show the Phils are scoring runs, but the situational hitting is miserable and few players seem to be able to rattle off consistency at the same time.

The scuttlebutt suggests the Phils won't be sellers at the trade deadline.  They should get rid of anyone who could bring good to excellent prospects because if we've learned nothing else thus far this season it is that there ain't nothin' down on the farm.