Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Inquiring Minds

Inquiring minds wanted to know and several answers were provided in last night's late-inning loss to Cincinnati.

Question:  Where has Antonio Bastardo been these last few weeks?

Answer:  Where he's been all season, i.e., working on his home run pitch.

Question:  Why hasn't Cholly used Jonathan Papelbon more?

Answer:  Because he's just as likely to serve up a game-losing home run ball as earn a save.

Question:  What's up with Cliff Lee?

Answer:  Not a heck of a lot.  He pitches well enough to win...sometimes...but the Phils rarely do anyway when he's on the mound.

Question:  With Lee struggling, will the Phillies' alleged brain trust rethink long-term contracts for pitchers?

Answer:  Cole Hamels