Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where Does It Hurt?

If there is another team in baseball with less credibility when it comes to injury I'd like to know which one.

Michael Schwimmer is sent down to AAA and refuses to report claiming he's injured.  The Phillies' alleged brain trust says otherwise.

Vance Worley is pitching with floating chips in his elbow and truly stinking up the joint.  Neither he nor the alleged brain trust are willing to say anything about the relationship between his injury and poor performance.  His ERA, however, speaks volumes.

Domonic Brown, the 24 year old fading fast phenom, has another injury, a bum knee, but is "playing" in the outfield where he continues to make Greg Luzinski look like Willie Mays.  That running leaping catch in right field a week or so ago was clearly an aberration.

Roy Halladay starts the year with noticeably less mustard on his fastball, denies there is an issue, eventually goes on the DL, then comes back less than overwhelming.

Ryan Howard, he of the torn Achilles, returns at roughly mid-season, clearly limps for a while, but has had very few days off in a losing season.

Chase Utley.....   Well, you know about Chase.  Only he knows what is really going on.  He looks like the Chase of old on the base path, so who knows?