Friday, August 31, 2012

What's Up, J-Roll?

Damnit, Jimmy, what's going on?

You love the game and play it well.  You re-signed for a three-year deal with the only club you've ever known and most fans (but not all) rejoiced at your return.

So, what's with the lazy play, especially after pulling the same stunt a few weeks ago?  Jimmy is ruining his legacy, which for some folks is tarnished already by his lack of plate discipline and tendency to swing for the fences.  One recent commenter wondered why he didn't run out yesterday's popup given how much experience he has in that particular area.  It's true, he pops up more than ever. 

So, what's up, J-Roll?  Tired?  Bored?  Deflated?  Or are you just indifferent now?

More than one writer including Bob Brookover in today's Inquirer, emphasized how Jimmy's selfishness shifted the focus from another fine start by Kyle Kendrick.  It's likely his teammates are more than a little bored with his antics, too.