Friday, August 17, 2012

No Retractions Here

Wow, do I have my finger on the pulse, or what????!!!!  (See post below).

Jimmy  is in hot water least with the fans and blogosphere.  His manager is another story.

After failing to run out a ground ball and quitting half way to second base on a double play ball, Jimmy was rewarded with a trip to Cholly's wood shed and a roasting on the talk shows and internet.  Frankly, I stand by yesterday's post:  as goes Jimmy, so go the Phillies.  Yes, the last five years were good ones, but this year is a real stinker and Jimmy is right in the middle of the foul smell.

He's had plenty of company including Cliff Lee and newcomer Josh Lindbolm.  Lee may have struck out 12 Brewers last night but he also gave up three home runs, which Inky writer Matt Gelb, normally a realist described this way:  Besides three mistakes that landed as Milwaukee home runs, Lee was dominant.  Mistakes?  Lindblom was more efficient, at least, giving up everything he had on a grand slam.

The other thing I noted in this AM's Inquirer was a long article on the major-league readiness of Iron Pigs' manager Ryne Sandberg.  If Charlie's on the hot seat it would be a classic case of dismissing the manager because you can't fire the players.  Oh, sure, Cholly isn't the best strategist, and his handling of veterans is often too lenient, but he's been saddled with a lousy team and the most horrendous bullpen of his tenure.

Another aspect of the Phils' miserable season has been the awful defense.  Last night's latest fatal error was brought to you by third baseman Kevin Frandsen, who every day resembles the AAA player he is.

Injuries.  Subpar starting pitching.  Horrendous bullpen.  Poor defense.  Sounds like a losing proposition to me.