Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some Hit. No Field

Dom Brown may eventually hit in the big leagues but he is never going to field.  Two straight nights of botched plays were sufficient evidence he is a mediocre outfielder at best.  Of the three outfield spots, his "best" might be left field.  There is no doubt right is his worst!

Two nights ago he failed to make a catch that turned into a grand slam home run.  A good major league outfielder would have caught it.  Last night he clearly misplayed a ball that opened the flood gates with two outs and led to another Phillies' loss.  After the game he huddled with long-time teammate, pitcher Vance Worley, and basically apologized.

So, where do we stand with my fearless predictions of a week or two ago regarding Brown and John Mayberry?  Let's just say the Phils' scouting department hasn't called.

Speaking of the scouting department, did anyone ever watch Brown play defense as he came up?  Was he seriously listed not only as the Phils' top prospect a few years ago but as one of the best prospects in all of baseball?  You have to wonder which outfielder the people who compile these lists were watching.