Monday, August 25, 2008


Don't look now but somethins' happenin' here.

Joe Blanton, who really doesn't look like your average major league athlete, delivered a fine pitching performance.

Ryan Howard, who will never be mistaken for Wes Parker, delivered one of the best defensive plays of the season, and in a critical situation.

Shane Victorino continues to be in the middle of everything good for the Phils. Last night he scored the tying and winning runs. His average is up t0 .291 for the season, leading all regulars.

And Pedro Feliz, who is your average major league hitter, delivered not one but two key hits last night, tying the game in the bottom of the ninth and winning it in the bottom of the eleventh with a 3-run walk-off homer. The only things Feliz needs to work on a little more are his helmet toss and plate leap; the Czech judge gave him a 4.2.

What a night! For the second time in as many days before a national television audience the Phils came up big. They hit a ton on Saturday afternoon but only a few hundred pounds last night, but they made the key plays when they had to in taking a third straight game from the Dodgers. With a win tonight, redemption is complete.

More important, the Phils are coming around in the clutch just when the Mets are starting their usual late season swoon. A win tonight could also put the Phils back in first place.

Ain't the beer cold!

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