Friday, August 22, 2008

What, Me Complain!?

I must be slow so explain to me again why Eric Bruntlett is considered a defensive replacement? While you're at it, tell me why he represents an upgrade over Abraham Nunez? And since we are on the subject, tell me why there isn't someone who owns a glove in the minor league system that can field and hit at least .214?

Now that you have me going, let's admit it, Ryan Howard isn't going to adjust. Last night's futile evening included three strikeouts in which the big guy looked...well...over matched and confused, like some pathetic giant tormented by gnats. His average has sunk below .230 again, which pretty much looks like the plateau at which he is most [un]comfortable. Even Carlos Ruiz is outhitting him this home stand...and out homering him, too.

As long as we are complaining (who, me?), Ryan Madson may have fooled most of the people most of the time over his last few appearances but this observer wasn't buying. Handed a lead, he blew it as only Madson can do.

And finally, the vaunted offense put two men on with no outs in the eighth and never delivered. That scenario, all too familiar lo these many months, is exactly why anyone waiting around for the Phils to make their move had better have alternate plans.

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