Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Redemptions All Around

Who needs Kobe, LeBron and Dwayne? We have our own Redeem Team!

Philadelphia Phillies, c'mon down. Your sweep of the LA Dodgers, the first time the boys in blue had been swept in more than twenty years (twenty-three to be exact), redeems your own sweep at their hands a week earlier in LA LA Land.

Brett Myers, c'mon down. Man, have you ever turned it around. Four wins in five decisions since your little sojourn in Iron Pig Heaven. Sixteen straight shut out innings and counting. No managers berated on the mound for two straight starts. You are the man, Brett.

Jimmy Rollins, c'mon down. You want a sign Jimmy is coming around? Forget those triples. Don't even think about the three base hits last night, a homer short of the cycle. Instead, watch the man not named Victorino who makes the Phillies go standing at first base after a walk or hit, chirping and smiling away. That's how we know Jimmy is back.

Redemption, as we all know, has a short shelf life, so the Phils get less than 24 hours to bask in its glory before they take on the Mets in a two-game set that has "crucial" written all over it. I don't care how many more games remain, boys, you have to win these two. Meanwhile, enjoy your redemptions.

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