Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lack Of Support

OK, Cole, it's time to sue for lack of support. You've had your ups and downs of late but when you're up the Phillies offense is down. Just bear in mind when you and your attorney put your heads together that the Phils offense isn't routinely supporting anyone very much these days. With that in mind you may want to speak to the other pitchers and file a class action suit. I'll leave that up to you and your attorney.

Six hits. That's all the Phillies mustered last night, half of them in the first two innings. Five measly hits and a home run by Chase Utley. Meanwhile, Hamels had his four-day growth game face on and he pitched like someone determined to win at least one game a month this season. Here we are in mid-August and the ace is one game over .500 at 9-8. Hamels is a very animated guy. You see it when he throws a pitch he'd like to have back; you see it when he gets a base hit and smiles broadly; you see it when a fielder botches a play or makes a good one; but you especially see it when he's mad at himself. At some point that frustration is going to spill over and Hamels, never one to remain mum or keep his own counsel, is going to let everyone know what they already know, that he's getting sick and tired of laboring hard with little to show for it.

Who could blame him?

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CurseKillerCurt said...

I think Hamels should phone Curt Schilling and pick his brain on how Curt won all those must games when they were really needed. One rum was sometimes enough. Curt's been doing it since 2001. The great Curt loves to read the boxscores in the morning and looks for the pitchers with the W's next to their name. "Good habit," he once said. For Cole, I think it would be more important than learning Jamie Moyer's pick-off move.