Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here We Go Again

It's right there on page one in the UPM, the official Underperforming Player's Manual:

When in doubt, blame someone else. However, when in doubt in Philadelphia, don't just blame someone else; put the fans down.

It's really oh so easy to label Philadelphia fans boors, hard to please, or front-runners as long-time fan favorite Jimmy Rollins did yesterday. Easy but very disappointing, especially to this long-time fan of J-Roll. He always brought a joy to the game. Now, however, it seems the joy has gone out of him and we are to blame. It's really oh so easy to blame the Philadelphia fans. And it wasn't particularly surprising he chose a West Coast setting to let loose if you understand Jimmy.

Rollins is a West Coast kind of guy where even if players fail to run out balls or get to the park on schedule the fans are going to sunbathe in the stands and chill. What's the big deal? Of course Jimmy also sees himself as an East Coast guy when it pleases him, if by that one understands he means the Big Apple. Yes, indeed, Jimmy makes no bones about it: he likes the big stage...especially when like so many Americans he can say, "I love to visit New York but I wouldn't want to live there." But hold on, Jimmy, if you think the fans and media are tough in Philadelphia, spend a season in the biggest spotlight of them all and perform at the same mediocre level you have thus far this season and see how everyone reacts. Better yet, look across the field to the Dodgers dugout and fix your eyes on one Manny Ramirez. Ask him if playing in Boston is a walk in the park? Whatever, Jimmy.

What's going on? Among other things Jimmy is probably setting the stage for his departure when his contract expires. Instead of leadership we are getting a glimpse of a lot less flattering side of Jimmy: thinking about going when the going gets tough. While he was at it, he also suggested the St. Louis Cardinals are a better fit for Ryan Howard because they would be far more understanding of their home-town bred slugger's horrible defense, high strikeout ratio, enormous salary and, yes, his bookmark on page one of the UPM. On more than one occasion Howard has mentioned how tough the fans are at Citizens Bank Park whereas everyone knows the good folks in the city by the arch aren't front-runners like those people in Philadelphia.

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Sean said...

Despite a couple bad outings in LA, thought you might be interested to read that Chad Durbin just posted a new blog entry that talks about the rough trip to LA and how he and the team is going to bounce back. It’s an interesting read and you gotta give the guy points for putting himself out there after blowing leads 2 nights in a row: