Friday, August 15, 2008


Since Jimmy tried (and failed) to clarify his statement, I'll add one more note of my own....

Some commentators including Rich Hoffmann of the Daily News think Phillies fans are too thin-skinned and that all Jimmy was doing was telling it like it is. I continue to beg to differ. The biggest problem with Jimmy's statement is that it's all too familiar, one big cliche, repeated by players who work here and those who merely visit. Philadelphia fans are negative. Philadelphia fans are tough. Philadelphia fans are front-runners. C'm,on, guys, give us a break. Spend an evening in the stands in any park in New York, Chicago or Boston.

One big cliche.

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For those including this observer who felt Brett Myers hadn't proved himself against enough tough opposition since his return (St. Louis being the only team in three that qualified on that count), last night's game against a good-hitting Dodgers team addressed that concern. Unfortunately for Myers and the Phillies, the bigger concern, an offense that is missing in action, hasn't improved. Indeed, after nearly two months of unrelenting under-performance, the offense can be declared officially lost in the aftermath of the Dodgers four-game sweep of the Phightens [sic].

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Carlos Carrasco must be ready for his call up, Mr. DeMille, if this report is any indication:

MOOSIC, Pa. - Carlos Carrasco struck out eight in six innings and gave up only one earned run, but the Lehigh Valley IronPigs fell, 2-1, to the Scranton Yankees in the International League last night.

Carrasco, who is 1-1 since being promoted from double-A Reading, has a 0.48 ERA for Lehigh Valley.

Should fit right in with the Phillies rotation, no?

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Commenter extraordinaire George Southrey believes Charlie Manuel has lost the players.

It's now 2 months since he pulled Rollins out of that game [July 1], and this team has been absolutely lifeless since then. The team no longer seems to respond to him.

It's hard to disagree with George given how little the team has responded to the obvious stimuli of fighting off two other contenders. On the other hand, it's equally hard to imagine another type of skipper could draw more from these guys. They just aren't that good.

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