Sunday, August 03, 2008


Thanks, Joe, we needed that.

Joe Blanton picked a darn good time to throw his best game in a Phillies uniform. Granted, the sample is still small, but the prospect of dropping another game to the Cardinals the night after putative ace Cole Hamels was roughed up for the second straight time outing was alarming. Blanton to the rescue. By pitching seven strong innings of four hit, one run ball he gave his new mates a chance to win the series when the face the Cards tonight in prime time.

Brett Myers gets the start tonight, the third consecutive most important game of his career. They're all big for Myers these days as he tries to find his groove by, well, not grooving the ball to the likes of Albert Pujols. His last start, against a mediocre Washington lineup, was a good one but hardly the test he needs to convince himself and the Phillies he belongs permanently in the starting rotation. If Myers falters, J.A. Happ could very likely take his spot five days hence. There aren't many second chances in August and September.

Speaking of "hence" the Phillies face a tough row to hoe including eight games against the Dodgers avec Manny and four games each against the Cubs and the Brewers. Oh, and they meet the Mets and Marlins five and nine times respectively. Thanks, schedule makers, we didn't need that!

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