Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ageless Wonder

Damn it, I wish Jamie Moyer would stop making me look like an idiot!

Every time I write him off (I've lost count) he confounds me not only by refusing to act his age but by out pitching guys half his age. As teammate Roy Halladay put it after Moyer became the oldest major league pitcher ever to throw a complete game shutout, holding the opposition to two hits over nine innings is impressive regardless of age.

Impressive also is the continued torrid bat of Jayson Werth who, frankly, has carried this team much of the season. As CSN commentator Ricky Bo put it after Werth's latest offensive explosion, "they'll have to back the Brinks truck up" to meet Werth's salary demands when he becomes a free agent at the end of the season. Having been written off several years ago following a wrist injury and a prolonged, difficult recovery, Werth has come into his own the last few seasons. The Phils have to make a big push to sign him but must know there won't be any "home town" discount.

Also worth noting is that while Ryan Howard's power figures are down, his batting average is up as he makes more and better contact. His over-the-shoulder basket catch last night was another sign that his defense continues to improve.

The Phils are on a roll and without J Roll. Winning has provided them with the luxury of not hurrying Jimmy back. When he went down a month ago all hands said they would have to be patient with his rehabilitation but sometimes teams panic despite the best medical advice. So far the Phils haven't had a need to panic.

They've also been patient with Raul Ibanez, yet another Phillie who is making me eat crow. (My plate runneth over.) Ibanez has slowly but steadily raised his average after a brutal start. Meanwhile, Carlos Ruiz is batting a robust .315 and doing his normal fine job behind the plate. If he keeps this up he'll be an All Star this July.


Matty said...

Phillies in 6 against the Yanks.

Tom Goodman said...

Whoa, there, Nellie. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.