Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Horses & Bulls

The good news is Doc Halladay is a horse. The bad news is he's a bull, as in "headed." This guy doesn't like to come out and, apparently, his manager doesn't like to contradict him. The net result is Halladay threw another complete game and a season and nearly career-high 132 pitches. If he wears down by August and September he has only himself and his manager to blame.

If Halladay's mates had been able to score more than a lone run, of course, things might have been different, but since they were flailing away to a grand total of six hits, three by Ryan Howard, Doc felt it incumbent upon himself to do it all alone. Afterward, Shane Victorino among others expressed regret the offense couldn't back him up.

The Phils were due for an offensive stinker after scoring a ton of runs in their previous five games and perhaps they felt comfortable knowing they wouldn't need many with Halladay on the bump.

They were wrong.

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