Monday, May 31, 2010

Silver Lining

[Editor's note: the guarded optimism expressed below should not be construed as a predictor of future postings.]

While we are on the subject of perfection it is worth noting the Phils have sailed into a perfect storm of offensive futility. No one is producing. Yet a mound meeting late in yesterday's game provided a measure of hope.

The Marlins were threatening to add to their precarious (though not really given the team they were facing) one run lead. David Herndon was on the mound. He summoned his catcher Brian Schneider for a conference. Third baseman Juan Castro joined in as did shortstop Wilson Valdez. You got that? Herndon, Schneider, Castro and Valdez. And the Phillies still hold a precarious half game lead over Atlanta.

Despite all the injuries and a truly horrendous stretch of offensive ineptitude, the Phils are still in first place. That may change this afternoon when the square of with the Braves, but it is nonetheless remarkable they've played as well as they have given their problems.

If they don't start hitting soon, however, it won't matter who meets at the mound for the next conference.

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