Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank You, Aramis

Following the Phils 5-4 victory over the Chicago it is difficult to say whether or not Jose Contreras deserved the save or the Cubs Aramis Ramirez did. With two on and one out Ramirez swung at and missed a 3-2 pitch that was so far outside it would have been balls 4 and 5 if he'd let it go. The home plate umpire later acknowledged the ball passed just outside Citizens Bank Park's official zip code. The runners advanced to 2nd and 3rd but Contreras got the final out to preserve the win.

The game feature a first inning home run by Chase Utley, his 10th of the season, a three run shot by Jimmy Rollins, in the 6th inning, and the game winning hit by Raul Ibanez, off a lefty, in the 8th. Do you think the Phils are glad J Roll is back? Do you think Castro or Valdez have much pop in their bats? Do you think Ibanez is relieved to have contributed?

Enough of these NL Central patsies, however. It's time to take on the Red Sox, AL East patsies. Oh, well, maybe not "patsies", but they've been struggling. Usually, the sight of the Phillies is enough to cure what ails the Red Sox. We shall see. The always pompous Red Sox Nation will show up en masse and at some point this weekend we will be reminded how despite their World Series victories of the recent past the Red Sox know suffering better than anyone else. It's all so boring and inevitable.

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