Thursday, May 27, 2010


I can forgive the offensive ineptitude...for now.

I can forgive the opponents' running the Phils' pitchers and catchers ragged...for now.

I can forgive Raul Ibanez growing old...for now.

I can forgive Shane Victorino suddenly turning fly balls into adventures...for now.

I can forgive another Brad Lidge bullpen session accompanied by optimism...for now.

I can forgive Greg Dobbs not being the second coming of Brooks Robinson...for now.

I can forgive Wilson Valdez and Juan Castro not being the second comings of Jimmy Rollins...for now.

I can forgive Charlie Manuel for putting away the stick but not the carrot...for now.

BUT I CANNOT FORGIVE the Phillies for playing some of the dullest, most disinterested baseball in recent memory. They are boring to watch.

P.S. I cannot forgive Ruben Amaro for trading Cliff Lee...forever.

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