Monday, May 31, 2010

Half Empty...Again

The fall out of first place was inevitable; after all, you can't keep putting up goose eggs and expect to stay ahead of the pack.

The Phils did score a few runs too late to matter as they dropped a 9-3 stinker to surging Atlanta and dropped a half game behind the Braves. The loss was their fifth on the current nine-game road trip. It's a wonder they aren't in fourth place given how horribly the offense has sputtered. Indeed, they had a chance early to put away the Braves and started Tommy Hanson and they let both off the hook.

Not one position player is looking good right bat or in the field. It remains to be seen if they can sort things out, but one thing is abundantly clear. It isn't a given the Phillies can right their ship.

[Editor's note: I told you, dear reader, not to take the optimism of the last post as a sign of glasses half full to come.]

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