Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brother, Can You Spare A Run?

The Phils lost their third straight game last night, 8-0, to the Mets, and looked as anemic and inept as they have for much of the last eight days. They wasted not one but two straight bases loaded opportunities in the early innings against a knuckleballer who wasn't going to make anyone forget Hoyt Wilhelm or Charlie Hough any time soon.

Carlos Ruiz gets the nod for player of the game NOT, meekly tapping into a twin-killing that all but ended one bases loaded opportunity and doing little else the rest of the night at or behind the plate. New York ran almost at will against him but in his defense Jamie Moyer doesn't exactly have Andy Petitte's move to first base.

This game had loss written all over from the Mets' first at bats. Jose Reyes, who up until last night had been struggling all season, jumped all over Moyer and Ruiz and led the assault right out of the gate, bunting for base hits and stealing bases.

The Vaunteds never got untracked as they showed little or no plate discipline against a junkballer who had no business beating them.

* * * * * * * *

It's time for my annual rant against All Star voting by the fans. Jimmy Rollins is currently leading all shortstops in the NL voting. I rest my case.

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