Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ask And Ye Shall....

By now it should be apparent to those of you who check in here I have a special relationship with the Reverse Curse. Every time I point out a player's deficiencies, he usually responds that day with a breakout game. Chase Utley is the latest case in point.

I point this out not to blow my own horn; rather, I invite you to submit concerns regarding any player. I will immediately post a critical review or, at the very least, a negative comment, and voila!! Guaranteed to bust slumps, turn things around or otherwise set things straight.

Speaking of setting things straight, the real ace among aces on this staff is clearly Cliff Lee, who has stopped more mini losing streaks and other bumps in the road more often than not. Last night's stellar performance would have been his second straight shutout had he been able to record the 27th out in his last start. With his dominating performance last night in which he had his curve working magic, Lee has injected himself smack dab into the Cy Young award race...not that he cares. Oh, sure, it's nice to win awards and in this regard Lee is probably no different than the next guy; but he could give a damn about personal achievements if his team again reaches the post-season and, this time, wins it all. That's what the guy is really all about.

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