Friday, September 09, 2011


I'm not a podiatrist but I play one on the blogosphere.

Bursitis, to those who've never had it, is one of those mystery ailments.  To those who have had it, it's no mystery, it just hurts like hell.

Ryan Howard has bursitis in his heel according to reports.  I know a thing or two about that.

First of all, one cannot walk let alone run without pain.  Cortisone shots are normally not effective for bursitis in the heel.  The bursa sac fills with fluid and is very painful to the touch to say nothing of carrying a load of 240 plus lbs.  The only real cure comes when the sac bursts, the fluid is released and the pain subsides.  It's hard to tell when that can happen.  I had bursitis in the right heel for nearly two months before experiencing relief.  A cortisone shot provided absolutely no relief.  Walking on it provided nothing but pain.  One day the pain was gone.  Nothing I had done up to that point -- exercises, Advil or the shot -- helped one bit.

You have my sympathy, big guy.

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