Sunday, September 18, 2011

High Expectations Must Be Met

The Phillies captured their fifth straight NL East crown last night raising expectations of greater glories another notch.

For some time now it has been apparent nothing less than a World Series appearance and victory will satisfy the team or its followers. For some historical perspective on how teams are remembered based primarily on their post-season performances I offer you the Baltimore Orioles of the late 60's to early 70's:

  1. 1968  Finished 2 of 10 (Pre-divisional years)
  2. 1969  Finished 1st (Lost WS) (First divisional years)
  3. 1970  Finished 1st (Won WS)
  4. 1971  Finished 1st (Lost WS)
  5. 1972  Finished out of the running
  6. 1973  Finished 1st (Lost ACLS)
  7. 1974  Finished 1st (Lost ACLS)
Those were great teams, appearing in three straight WS, all of which they should have won.  How many people speak of those teams and the ones surrounding them (they also won a WS in 1966) as among the great teams of all time?

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