Wednesday, September 07, 2011

No Rest For The Weary

I looked out my window at 5PM yesterday afternoon and said, "No way they play tonight.".  It was pouring after a day of intermittent showers.  Then I thought, they'll wait to call this one because they are desperate to avoid yet another doubleheader.

After that, I didn't give it another thought.  I didn't tune in at 7:05PM as the rain came down.  As I prepared for bed, however, I turned on KYW to hear the weather forecast.  As if I needed a weatherman to tell me rain was on the way!  A minute later the top sports story had the Phils leading 2-1.  "They're playing," I said to my wife incredulously.  "They actually started this game!"

Started and finished it and won.

The Phils took their second straight from the Braves, opening up a 9.5 lead in the process of winning their 90th game of the season, best in the majors.

Most of the discussion these days is about when to rest the regulars.  The decision will be tempered by the urgency to gain home field advantage by having the best record.  Then, there is the schedule and the weather.  The Phils have no days off remaining the rest of the season.  Indeed, they have at least two doubleheaders already on the books, which always unsettles the pitching rotation.  Some players are hurting (Ryan Howard among them).  Some need a blow because of other nicks and bruises or in the case if Antonio Bastardo, from overwork.  Jimmy Rollins is still out (though not missed terribly at the moment).

The Phils will face the Milwaukee Brewers next and definitely want to bring their A team to that possible preview of the playoffs.

It all adds up to no rest for the weary.

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