Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lack Of Hitting = Losing

Lost among the nobodies, never-weres and might-have-beens in the Phillies lineup for game one today was reliever Michael Stutes, who was counted on heavily this season but failed yet again in these final weeks and days leaving us to wonder just what role he might have in the post-season.

With Stutes surrendering the final run, the Phils lost to Washington in ten innings, 4-3. Apart from Raul Ibanez' pinch-hit three-run homer, they produced little offense again. Their hitting and scoring woes remind us of their early and mid-season funks.

Many observers aren't worried. Few regulars started today. The Phils have already clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Well, start worrying because if they fail to hit, their pitching isn't going to save them and home field advantage won't do much for them if they are playing golf, not baseball.

The loss was their fourth in seven games on the current home stand.

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