Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Still Having Problems In Houston

Man, oh man, does Houston have the Phillies number in September or what?

If memory serves me (always a tricky proposition these days), Houston has stuck it to the Phils in the late season several times, even sweeping them once or twice in the last series between these two favorite trading partners.

Roy Oswalt returned to Texas to face Brett Myers, who has had one unmemorable season. So, naturally, Myers pitched a strong game for the win and Oswalt looked like his was throwing batting practice on occasion.

Conventional wisdom says Oswalt will be in the starting rotation this post-season based on past performance and that Vance Worley will be in the bullpen. Not a good idea. Worley has simply pitched much better than Oswalt, who has been very erratic since his return. Oswalt has thrown out of the bullpen as recently as last post-season. If the Phils want to go with experience, Oswalt has it there!

They won't.

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