Friday, September 16, 2011

What, Lee Worry?

Right now Cliff Lee can almost do no wrong.


Lee, who has six shutouts already this season, is two pitches away from two more wins and two more shutouts. He has failed to get a final strike in two games over the last month and one cost him a shutout and the other a win and a shutout.

Is he complaining?

Not a chance.

Both games resulted in wins and Lee is one of those guys who likes to see W's next to his team's name first and only then after his own.

But you have to marvel at a guy who is two pitches away from eight shutouts for the season.

Combined with Roy Halladay, Lee gives the Phils a tremendous top of the rotation. Cole Hamels runs a close third but is more erratic.

Still, you have to like this rotation going into the post-season.

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