Friday, April 05, 2013

Early Interleague Play. Very Early.

Thanks, Cliff, we needed that.

The Phillies staved off being swept in Atlanta when Cliff Lee pitched a gem in the final game of a three-game season-opening series for a 2-0 win.  The victory halted a potential 0-3 start and could be an indication of things to come. Some of the starting pitching (yo, Cole!) will sort itself out but the offense is going to struggle to score runs.

So the Phils return to Citizens Bank Park to begin their home season against the...wait...what league are we in?  The National?  So, why are the Phils opening against the Kansas City Royals?  Hang on.  I had to look this up in the paper this morning.  I couldn't remember who their opening day opponent was and when I read George Brett and Mike Schmidt were throwing out the ceremonial first pitch I blinked a few times.  Just a minute, I thought, what is George Brett doing in town?  That WS was 33 years ago, not exactly a round number.  MLB couldn't find a worthy NL opponent?

Go figure.

Interleague play is bad enough, the novelty having worn off long ago and the inequality of the schedule (as in who plays whom) quite annoying, but since when does it begin in April?

I'm sure the alleged brain trust is thrilled with this opponent for the opener.  How many fans would come to see Kansas City in, say, June? 

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