Thursday, April 04, 2013


OK, sports fans, it's official; you can worry with impunity.

The Phils had their collective hats handed to them for a second straight game in Atlanta and in the process saw Roy Halladay justify all the pre-season worries about his velocity and other diminished attributes.

Following the game, Halladay vowed he would fix things.  His determination is to be admired.  His professional mortality is another matter.

While we are on the subject of worries, Jonathan Papelbon did nothing to dispel them in this corner.  It's feast or famine with the Phils' closer.  Last night the Braves were feasting.

Among other things, Ryan Howard is hitless in the first two games and has struck out three times in eight official AB's.  Ah, but it's early.  Meanwhile, Michael Young looks like a guy who hasn't played third base for quite a while, not the sort of thing you want to see in your third baseman.

Chase Utley continues to look like the hustling player of old.  Mike Adams looks to be all he was cracked up to be.

The Phils try to salvage a game before returning to Philadelphia for their home opener tomorrow.

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