Thursday, April 25, 2013


It hardly took a genius or for that matter a genie with a crystal ball to predict the 2013 installment of your Philadelphia Phillies were going to struggle for runs and middle relief.

On the other hand, if someone had put money down that Cole Hamels would enter May winless, just about anyone would have taken that bet.

It's no crime to grow old.  Heck, it isn't even punishable by imprisonment or a fine to be lousy.  But to be so damn boring is more than offensive.

What we can say is Charlie Manuel is already panicking.  He gave Ben Revere, admittedly a flop to date, twenty games to get going and resorted to his favorite leadoff hitter, Mr. James Rollins of Oakland, CA.  Domonic Brown has shuffled between left and right fields.  He may still have a starting job, but even he isn't sure where to go without a scorecard.

Meanwhile, all of the so-called experts including yours truly gave up on Roy Halladay.  It looks like we were wrong.

Ryan Howard looks so over-matched these days we can expect to see more days off.  He moves with such caution these days one has to wonder if that Achilles tendon is bothering him.

Anyone who thinks Carlos Ruiz will return and save the day is dreaming.

Phillipe Aumont is never going to be a reliable reliever.

The hardest ticket in town has gotten progressively easier to find.  By mid-summer it should be downright easy to walk up to the gates a few moments before the first pitch and get just about any seat in the house.  All of those big salaries assumed a full house every night.  So much for the collective wisdom of the Phillies alleged brain trust.

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