Thursday, April 18, 2013


Here's all you need to know about the Phils' three-game sweep by the Cincinnati Reds:  they didn't draw a single bases on balls the entire series.

You already knew they didn't hit or score because that's who these Phillies are.  You also knew John Lannan wasn't going to continue his world-beater imitation once he faced a team other than Miami.

The Phils did waste some fine starting pitching by Cliff Lee and especially Kyle Kendrick.  Both pitchers received no support though truth be told the offense wasn't singling (bad pun) them out in particular.

So, the boys in red pinstripes limped home literally with Domonic Brown clutching his back after swinging at a pitch closer to Covington, KY, than home plate.

They're aging.  They're unexciting.  They're losing. 

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