Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Take It Back, Miami.

I apologize to the Marlins.  After all these years of excoriating the franchise located in Miami I realize there is at least one benefit to their presence in the league: without them the Phils would be wallowing in the cellar.  So, thanks, Miami, for just being around and being lousy.  But watch out, boys, these guys are starting to win now and then.

The Phils are certainly an equal opportunity club these days.  Nearly everyone is giving a chance to stink.  Some, of course, stink worse than others.  Domonic Brown appears to really be the bust he's been since arriving as a phenom.  He cannot hit.  He cannot field.  He cannot stay healthy.

Ryan Howard has actually pulled his average up over the last week, but don't worry, it will fall again.  Let's face it, Howard's decline has been steady.  At this point his manager is sorely tempted to sit the big guy against all lefties, tough or not.  Howard has one home run after seventeen games.  Teams no longer even put a shift on him when hard-throwing righties are on the mound.  They just figure he cannot get around on them.

Jimmy Rollins has seen his average sink, too.

Erik Kratz really is the career minor leaguer we thought he was.

Cole Hamels has yet to win a game.  Roy Halladay has yet to convince me he is back.  John Lannan has the feet of clay we suspected all along.  His knee is made of the same stuff, too.

Ben Revere really was the cheap alternative.  He can field as advertised.  He hasn't done much else.

Right field is a revolving door.  Brown is in left; enough said.

Carlos Ruiz is eight games away from returning.  He won't make that much of a difference...if at all.

Ryne Sandberg is coaching third, presumably moving closer to managing the team.  Perhaps he should consider offers from the outside while he can still get out.

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